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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre is one of WIU's "Signature Programs" and is a competitive program that requires auditions for admission. The BFA in Musical Theatre provides students with rigorous specialized training in acting, singing, and dancing.  Many of our BFAs walk out of WIU with not only their degree in Musical Theatre but also a Minor in Dance. WIU Theatre and Dance's BFA program gives students the one-on-one training they need to grow and sharpen their individualized skill sets. The faculty never treat students like a number or force them into cookie cutter versions of generic musical theatre performers. Instead, the program creates unique and versatile performers, who have an edge in the audition room.

Here’s a quote from the Department of Theatre and Dance mission statement that sums up the environment created at WIU: “...Our standard of excellence demands the celebration of individuality with the collaborative process, empowering students to begin a life-long career of artistic risk-taking and self-discovery…”

Other fun facts:

  • The department puts up 15 productions each year, including two dance concerts.

  • Freshmen are immediately eligible for performance opportunities. In fact, there is a fall show just for new students!

  • Students get one on one attention to help them grow and thrive. Most of the classes within the BFA are in a class size of only 8 - 12 students.

  • Students are provided opportunities to build their own experience within the department's offerings, letting them work outside of their chosen discipline to help them become multi-faceted and fierce artists.

  • WIU has an approachable faculty of educators who are also working professionals in the theatre industry.

  • WIU BFA Alumni have gone on to perform in Broadway national tours, international tours, major regional theaters, cruise ships, etc.

  • Over 80% of graduating BFAs leave WIU already employed as professional actors.

Interested in auditioning for Fall 2025 admission? Click here.

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